Monthly Drinks

A friendly get together is organised once a month, always with a different theme, welcoming both members and visitors. You are invited to bring along a plate to share. These gatherings are an opportunity to for members and newcomers to have a friendly chat, which is often difficult under water.

2016 06 15 Fruits rouges 4


  • Friday September 13th: Start of season drinks
  • Monday October 7th 
  • Wednesday November 6th: Cheese
  • Friday December 6th: Christmas


  • Monday January 6th: Galettes des Rois (King’s Cakes)
  • Wednesday February 5th: Candlemas (crepes and pancakes)
  • Friday March 6th
  • Monday April 20th: Easter
  • Wednesday May 6th 
  • Friday June 5th
  • Monday June 29th: End of season drinks

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