Newsletter – January 2016

Happy Nude Year to everyone!

With the end of what was a wonderful year for our association, we hope to provide you with even more reasons to come along to our swimming sessions this year and to remain loyal. We recently invested in new material to give a little pizzazz to the water aerobics classes. The new noodles have already been a big hit for a month and with our new flippers we have restarted body palm classes every Wednesday.

Our trip to Belgium is already booked out and promises to be a good weekend, between the nude swim in Halluin and a day at the spa in Dilbeek.

Nude bowling - A lot of people reserved their places throughout December. The event is becoming quite international and we will be welcoming naturists from around France and even from England! To respond to a few questions I’ve heard asked at the pool’s welcome desk, the evening will be totally nude and even attendees who don’t plan to bowl will be naked. The bowling arcade is very modern and well heated and no-one will be forced to stay later than he/she wants to. If you haven’t already booked, you can do so at the welcome desk or by post until the end of the month.

Our monthly drinks, with a “Galette des Rois” (Kings’ Cake) theme, is set for Friday 15th. Come along with a galette or your preferred accompanying drink.

We will be open throughout the month of January and we hope to see you at the pool!

The entire team wishes you a happy and healthy Nude Year!

2015 07 19