Nudesletter – October 2017


I’m writing my Nudesletter this month lying in the sun in the new naturist area in the Bois de Vincennes (Vincennes Woods, a huge Parisian park). We didn’t have a very sunny September but there are many of us soaking up the last rays of the season.

At the pool, the new season has kicked off well. Everyone is happy to be at our very animated sessions and we’re thrilled to welcome many new members into the family. The yoga classes are as popular as ever. Try to reserve your place before each Friday to avoid disappointment.

September events: September was a jam-packed month full of activity. Here’s a short recap:

The inauguration of the naturist area in the Vincennes Woods was one of the big events of the year, in the presence of Catherine Baratti-Elbaz, Mayor of the 12th arrondissement, Pénélope Komitès, councillor under the Mayor of Paris, in charge of green spaces and David Belliard of the group Europe Ecology - the Greens. We were a handful of naturists in the face of a flotilla of journalists.

On Sunday September 3rd, we were over 300 at a picnic in the nude zone. We shared our dishes, played sport and Damien gave a yoga class on the grass.

Thank you to our members who came to the 12th Arrondissement’s Associations Forum on Saturday September 9th. In spite of the mixed weather, we handed out hundreds of flyers and are happy to have already seen some new faces at the pool.

Our jazz evening on September 9th was terrific, between the talents of our two musicians - Stefano on saxophone and Duccio on guitar - and the culinary skills of our members and those of the Club Gymnique de France.

Over the weekend of September 15th - 17th, the ANP and several other clubs supported APNEL (Association for the Promotion of Naturism in Liberty) on their stand at the Festival of Humanity, yet again an opportunity to talk about naturism with the public.

On Tuesday September 19th, we visited the Club du Soleil de France at Aqua Saint Paul sauna in the Marais.

Thank you to those who participated in the water polo tournament on Monday September 25th.

October outings:

On Friday October 6th, a group of members are heading to Océade in Brussels, followed the next day by a visit to a naturist spa during the day and the naturist pool in Halluin in the evening, with the club Originelle.

On Sunday October 8th, a naturist event is to be organised in Paris but for the moment I don’t have the address! I therefore request that you check our activities page and Facebook in a few days for more information.

From October 20th - 22nd, twenty-three ANP members will be in Andalo in Italy for the International Naturist Swimming Gala.

On Tuesday October 31st, once again with our friends from Originelle, a nude bowling tournament is organised in Belgium.

On Sunday November 5th, we’re organising for the second time a naked bingo afternoon at the Club Gymnique de France, with some fabulous prizes to be won (including a bike).

And, finally, a naturist restaurant will be opening in Paris in October! Work hasn’t quite finished yet, so the opening date remains to be set but the restaurateurs want the ANP at the inauguration. For this event too, I’ll post the details on the events page of the site. If you would like to come, please send me a message, knowing that this will most probably be another highly press-covered event.

You can register for these events by sending me an email, or at the welcome desk of the pool. For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website.

Monthly drinks: This month’s theme is your home-made speciality, so this coming Friday, October 6th, bring that sweet or savoury dish you like to make...and that others like to eat.

Facebook: The numbers keep going through the roof! Since the opening of the nude zone and the ensuing media attention our association received, we have over 1100 “likers”. Cédric is as active as ever sharing information on social media every day. Thank you all for your support!