Nudesletter – December 2017


Winter is upon us and the temperature is plummeting but that doesn’t put a stop to naturism. Everyone practises naturism in his or her own way. Some limit it to the beach in summer but at the ANP we practise all throughout the year. Even when it’s snowing outside, there are naturist activities organised in Paris, with our pool, gym, yoga and outings and since last month the restaurant O’naturel. Perhaps, somehow, winter naturism is more social; on a beach one can spend hours without exchanging a single word if one chooses not to, but during a nude dinner or a bowling tournament, we speak to each other and make new friends.

Events in November:

On Thursday November 2nd, a group of ANP members attended the grand opening of Paris’s first naturist restaurant, O’naturel, in the 12th arrondissement. Since then, they have been taking a steady stream of reservations each night and positive articles have appeared in the international press.

On Sunday 5th, we visited once again the Club Gymnique de France for a naked bingo afternoon. Everyone brought a yummy plate to share and several people went home with great prizes under their arms.

On Thursday 23rd, we were 28 at the nude bowling tournament in Ozoir la Ferrière outside of Paris, in an atmosphere more friendly than sportive.

On Saturday 25th, 30 ANP members went to Orléans for an evening at the Balbéades spa, organised by the association Joie et Santé, with 140 naturists from all over France in attendance.

Events in December:

On Thursday December 14th, we’re organising a nude dinner in an Italian restaurant in Paris. To reserve your places, you need to pay ahead of time. Don’t waste a minute - it’s filling up fast!

The Club Gymnique de France is organising a clothed New Year’s Eve party. It’s limited to 70 people and the price is €50. You must reserve before December 16th. For more information, contact Speedy on 06 26 66 56 65.

Events in January:

To celebrate the arrival of 2018 but naked this time, Speedy is organising drinks in the 12th arrondissement on Saturday January 6th, limited to 20 people.

The trip to Baden Baden in Germany was such a huge success in 2017 that we’re returning in 2018. Places are limited so to avoid disappointment, contact Speedy quickly.

You can register for these events by sending me an email, or at the welcome desk of the pool. For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website.

Monthly drinks: The November gathering was a big hit, thanks to the numerous contributions of good cheese and bread. December’s theme is Christmas, so come along with a dish or drink to celebrate the season next Wednesday, December 6th.

Closures: The pool and gym will be closed on Monday December 25th and Monday January 1st but we will remain open for the rest of the Christmas break.

Social media: Cédric, as tireless as ever, is always looking for ways to make your visit to our Facebook and Twitter accounts more interesting by adding new photos, videos, links (especially press releases about us) and, most recently, a new Facebook group in which one can chat about upcoming naturist events in France. If you or your club organise an event anywhere in the world, we’ll be happy to publicise it. Cédric has also resuscitated our YouTube account. If you don’t follow us yet, I invite you to do so in just a click.

FFN licences: The 2018 French Federation of Naturism licences are now available. It is now Beatrice who is handling them and you can order yours at the welcome desk for €16.50. The French Swimming Federation’s licence is also now available, for €36.85.