Nudesletter – March 2018


Having been closed for a week in February, we saw less of each other than usual but it was nevertheless a month full of activity. The pool was emptied, cleaned and refilled in just one week and we resumed our activities on February 26th.

Events in February:

We were just two ANP members at the Association Naturiste Phocéenne‘s nude bowling tournament on Saturday 10th. The welcome was very warm, like the Marseille sun; after the game, we headed to the famous Calanques, where we managed a couple of hours naked in the sun, while it was snowing up in Paris.

On Monday 12th, we kicked off the first of our series of swimming competitions at the Roger Le Gall Pool, with over 30 members and visitors. A huge thank you goes to our swimming coaches, Stefano, Amine and Laura, for their enthusiasm and to Béatrice and Didier for their contribution.

On the 14th, Speedy played matchmaker at a Saint Valentine’s evening.

On the 22nd, we were part of a large group at a vegetarian buffet at O’naturel. After a few glasses, we all ended up on the dance floor, to the grooves of DJ Bosco Noire.

On the 27th, we were back at O’naturel for an ANP dinner, with 42 people in a brilliant atmosphere. The restaurant is very well heated; for three hours, we forgot that it was -6° outside, until we had to head back out again.

Upcoming events:

This evening (March 1st), come to Ozoir for an evening of bowling and laser game.

On the weekend of March 24th, we’re off to Belgium for an evening at the Ghent water park on the Saturday and a day at the Boetfort spa on the Sunday.

Registration for our nude bowling event in Paris on April 3rd is online. Please click on this link to reserve your places.

I spoke last month about our naked visit to the Palais de Tokyo on Saturday May 5th. I forgot to mention that while entry is free, you still need to book. Our private tour starts at 9:30am.

You can register for these events by sending me an email, or at the welcome desk of the pool. For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website.

Monthly drinks: Next Wednesday, March 7th, we pay tribute to the muffin, sweet, savoury or whatever. So bring your muffins and drinks to share with your friends.

Social media:  It just keeps growing! We now have over 1700 followers on Facebook and over a thousand on Twitter and an impressive 114,700 people have watched our videos on YouTube.

New-look team: Our adored vice-president, Nicolas, has left us for a new life in Bordeaux. We took the opportunity to have a reshuffle. Cédric has replaced Nicolas as VP and secretary. The two newest members of the board have taken on important posts: Laura in the role of assistant secretary and Fabrice will help Cédric to manage social media, assisted by Nicolas, who will remain on the board. Laura and Béatrice are now in charge of internal events (at the pool), notably the monthly drinks. Hubert has officialised his post as second in charge of external events. The board is now a well-oiled machine, a solid and motivated team, always at your service.