Nudesletter – June 2018


May was quite a month, starting with an outing that created a huge media buzz and ending with our Annual General Meeting and the Paris Naturist Association’s 65th birthday. In June once again, we have some big events in the calendar.

Events in May

At the end of April, we attended the weekly swim at Glasgow Continental naturist club. In the entry hall, we were greeted by a large French flag. The pool was decorated with several smaller flags and later on in the session our new Scottish friends served up a chocolate cake with red, white and blue icing. If you’re ever passing through Glasgow, you absolutely must make time to check out this historical pool, opened in 1871, where you will receive a warm and genuine Scottish welcome on Sunday evenings.

We were all thrilled with the success of our visit to the Palais de Tokyo on May 5th.We were split into six groups, each with its own guide who walked us through the temporary exhibition Discorde, fille de la nuit. Having already seen the exhibition clothed, I can tell you that the experience does indeed change when one is nude. For a start, one is not distracted by other people’s clothes (which are often a work of art themselves) and more sensitive to certain pieces.

On Sunday 6th, Speedy organised a wonderful outing to Berck Beach, where over 20 people soaked up the sun on this lovely north coast beach.

Also on May 6th, we organised a picnic in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes. In total, I counted 750 heads during the day.

On Saturday May 12th, we all headed out to see Fred Brulé perform his comedy routine nude in the 19th arrondissement.

On Sunday 13th, a boules tournament was organised at the Club Gymnique de France in Villecresnes.

On Monday 14th, over 30 members and visitors enjoyed our third water polo tournament.

On Sunday May 27th, over 100 members and friends attended our Annual General Meeting at the Club Gymnique de France. After lunch, we celebrated the ANP’s 65th birthday.

The month ended with a dinner at O’Naturel on Thursday 31st where we sampled the new summer menu. These monthly gatherings at the restaurant are often an opportunity for people to discover it and for others to simply spend a nice evening with friends.

Upcoming events:

On Monday June 4th, we’re hosting another friendly swimming competition at Roger Le Gall Pool. Register at the pool or by email.

On Saturday June 9th, Imaginat is organising a massive day of festivities for the Festival of Living Naked at Point Éphémère on the Saint Martin Canal in the 10th arrondissement from midday till 3am. On the agenda:

  • nude yoga and meditation/breathing with Samuel Ganes
  • hypnotherapy for beginners with Damien Lecerf
  • conference on “Nude therapy Naturo therapy” with Hubert Prolongeau
  • nude photo exhibition
  • nude dance performance
  • nude singing workshop with Vincent Simonet
  • nude comedy performance with Fred Brulé
  • literary siesta with Fabrice Pannetier
  • gym class with Richard Pichon

and many more surprises. COME AND GET NAKED! It’s free and “clothing optional” from midday till 9pm and open to all. The evening dance party Beautiful Skin from 9pm till 3am with DJ sets and performances is 100% nude and only €12.

Still on the weekend of the 9th, the ANP will be at the World Naked Bike Ride in London on the Saturday and Brighton on Sunday 10th.

On June 10th, we’re organising a picnic in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes. Come along from 11:30am till 5:30pm with your picnic baskets filled with yummy things.

On the 14th, there’s a nude bowling and laser game evening organised at Ozoir la Ferrière at 8pm.

On Saturday 16th, Speedy is organising a paella night at the Club Gymnique de France. Bring a dish and a drink to share.

On Tuesday June 19th, O’Naturel opens its doors for a disco night with buffet from 7:30pm, for just 25€.

On June 24th, it’s the first ever Parisian Naturist Day! The day starts at 11:30am with nude yoga in the naturist area of the Bois de Vincennes, which will be followed by a huge family picnic throughout the afternoon. In the evening, the party will continue at O’Naturel where Mike and Stéphane have created a special menu for this big event.

In conjunction with La Vie au Soleil magazine, we’re hosting from 9pm on Monday June 25th an evening of initiation into naturism at the Roger Le Gall Swimming Pool. If you’re tempted but still hesitant to give it a go, this is your chance to jump in the water and lose your costume. Created by this historic magazine that is a part of the French naturist movement, an initiation kit will be offered to the uninitiated for this unique evening. Register yourself and your friends! It’s glittery, fun...and dissolvable! So if the idea of an unforgettable moment with us tempts you, send us an email. Only 100 packs are available and only for non naturists, so there won’t be enough for everybody. Be warned - you just might like it! Come and discover the pleasure of swimming naked and working out without the constraints of clothing. The press will be present for this huge event but only those who sign a release form authorising the diffusion of their image will appear. Anyone else is free to swim completely in peace.

On Monday 25th, Wednesday 27th and Friday 29th June, for “No Clothes Days”, we’re opening our doors for a week of free entry for all. If you haven’t yet discovered the ANP or if you haven’t been for a long time, this is the moment to test our activities at Roger Le Gall Pool.

On July 1st, for International Naturist Day, Aventure Land theme park is opening its doors for a nude day! Don't miss this unforgettable day for the whole family and all ages. All the attractions will be at our disposal. You can see the programme and other important details on the activities page of our web site. Register now at

You can register for these events by sending us an email, or at the welcome desk of the pool. For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website.

Monthly drinks:.On Wednesday June 6th, the theme of our monthly drinks is dips and spreads (sweet or savoury). The possibilities are endless, so come along with a good dip, bread, chips or drinks to share with friends.

Video: Cédric and Fabrice are as busy as ever with daily newsfeeds to our social media pages and we have a new video on our YouTube channel, following our visit to the Palais de Tokyo.

Special offer: El Portus naturist resort in Spain has offered a special discount to ANP members of 5% for returning guests and 15% for first-time visitors.

Departure: It’s with great regret that I announce the departure of our swimming coach Ruddy, who has been a constant fixture on Wednesdays for several years. He’s moving far away from Paris. We’ll celebrate his departure over dips and drinks next Wednesday, June 6th.

Hubert resigned from the administration board in May and on behalf of the whole team I extend my sincerest thanks to him for four years of hard work, good ideas and devotion to the ANP and the naturist movement.

Your personal information: The ANP, in conformity with personal data regulations, considers that, unless you specifically request otherwise, you allow us to retain certain personal information. This is only necessary for:

  • the management of your visits to the pool and to our diverse activities
  • the printing of your membership card and your French Federation of Naturism licence as per your request
  • the dispatch of information on the association’s activities (by email, post, SMS or telephone). Any information we have about you is only that provided by you when you filled out a membership form or other. This information is at your disposition by simple request (email or post)

The ANP does not share personal information and our files are not publicly accessible.

On May 27th 2018, the management board of the ANP elected as manager of the General Data Protection Regulation Michel Kohn, to whom any requests concerning archives and the treatment of your information can be addressed (by the normal channels of communication for the association).