Nudesletter – August 2018


I hope you’re enjoying your holidays. I’ve already seen the holiday snaps of many club members who headed to naturist resorts in July and I even bumped into several during our stay at La Sablière.

Events in July:

On Sunday July 1st, Aventure Land attraction park opened its doors to us - free - for a nude day. We attended in large numbers and naturists came from all over France for this unique event. This ecological park corresponds perfectly with naturist values and we were very warmly welcomed.

On Sunday 8th, the ANP went to the Creil Sun Club for a day of archery.

On Sunday 15th, a picnic was organised in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes.

On Sunday 22nd, we were at the Essonne Sun Club, where we enjoyed their beautiful freshwater pool, two water aerobics classes and other activities organised throughout the afternoon.

We were once again in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes for a picnic on Sunday 29th.

Upcoming events:

This Saturday, August 4th, we’ll be at Les Hespérides naturist club in Étréchy (not far from Paris) for a barbecue, a day in the pool and a karaoke evening. Please bring food and drinks for lunch and dinner. If you’re looking for - or if you can offer - a spot in a car, please contact us.

On Sunday 5th, we’re organising another picnic and yoga class in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes, from 11:30am till 5:30pm. Come with your picnic baskets, picnic rugs and games (boules, Mölkky, a ball, Uno...).

On Wednesday 15th, the Club Gymnique de France is organising a boules competition. Entry is €16 for ANP members and €20 for visitors.

We’re organising another picnic in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes on Sunday August 19th, from 11:30am till 5:30pm.

September starts with a yoga class followed by a picnic in the naturist zone in the Bois de Vincennes on Sunday 2nd, from 11:30am till 5:30pm.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email.

Closure: The pool and the gym are closed throughout August. The gym reopens on Monday September 3rd, every weeknight during the refurbishment of the 50m pool, but only for ANP members with up to date membership. If yours is not valid and you wish to attend the gym in September, please message me to renew online.

New association: Speedy recently resigned as events organiser to create his own association. The growth in naturism in Paris this past year highlights the need for greater diversification. Speedy will thus continue to organise outings in different regions of France and abroad and Stéphane and Fabrice will work on new events for the ANP. Our two associations will work together to offer you a choice of varied and interesting outings.

Facebook: Over 3000 of you most certainly noticed the disappearance of our Facebook page in July. Facebook deleted that of the Association Naturiste Phocéenne (Marseille) at the beginning of the month and ours a week later, most likely due to someone who has something against naturism (unfortunately, they do exist). This company that imposes itself across the globe also tries to impose a prudery which dates back to a different era, never bothering to adapt to the values of the country. I received a message saying that our logo doesn’t correspond with Facebook’s values! This fake puritanism has no place in secular France. The effort of five years has vanished, especially Cédric’s huge work over this past year. We have created a new Facebook page - because Facebook remains a window to the world and attracts public attention - and I invite you to like it by clicking on the above link.