Nudesletter – August 2019


A pool would have been nice in July, with the highest temperatures ever recorded in Paris. For those on holiday, I hope you’re enjoying the water.

Over the next few months, we have some interesting and varied events to offer you.

Events in July:

The ANP was very well received at the Hespérides on July 6th for a day full of activity, ending with a midnight plunge in the pool.

We organised several picnics in the naturist park of the Bois de Vincennes last month, alternating each time between yoga classes with Damien and gym classes with Yvan. Claude from Origan Village was there on July 21st and a lucky picnicker won a holiday!

Upcoming events:

We’re once again organising several picnics in the naturist park of the Bois de Vincennes over the next few weeks. On August 4th, we start at 11:30am with one of Yvan’s gym classes and Damien will be there on the 18th to give a yoga class.

It’s not too late if you want to come to the Porquerolles Islands from August 19th - 23rd. Just €285 for 4 days filled with activities on sea and land.

World Naked Bike Ride: Paris will finally have its chance on Sunday September 8th. This event is an ecological protest, to draw attention to the plight of cyclists confronted with traffic and pollution. On a larger scale, it’s a call to save our planet and I invite you to play a part. Nudity is just a simple weapon to highlight the fragility of our ecosystem and the future of our planet.

Follow the only official page on Facebook for the WNBR in France.

To join the ANP group on the day, sign up for free by clicking on this link.

For more information on this international movement, check out the official site of the WNBR France.

I thank APNEL and Gilles from Vivre Nu for the organisation and the FFN for their involvement.

On Saturday September 14th, we are joining APNEL for a nude hike in Fontainebleau. You can sign up free of charge here.

On Friday September 27th, put on your dancing shoes and nothing else, because Beautiful Skin is back, in the heart of Paris.

Registration is open for the evening organised by the Belgian Naturist Federation in Lago water park in Mons on Saturday October 5th. You will find all the information on the events page of our website. The following day, before heading home to Paris, we’re going to visit a naturist spa.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Closure: Don’t forget that the pool and gym are closed in August. Our activities resume on Monday September 9th at 9pm.

Naked talent: Thank you for your many replies to our search. There are many talented naturists out there and you have a wide array of talents. If you haven’t yet contacted us, Stéphane is waiting for your responses by email (

48th Swimming Gala: This huge international event, organised for the first time in Paris by the ANP, is almost upon us. We’re expecting many international visitors, who will participate in three days of fun. If you would like to offer us a helping hand for this unforgettable gathering, there are many important roles to fill. For those who wish to simply attend the competition on October 19th as a spectator, you can reserve your place for just €10.

Naturist Swimming Gala