Confinudesletter – December 2020


We all hope that, after a particularly difficult year, we’re arriving at the end of the tunnel. For the moment, pools and gyms are not reopening to the public, nor to associations, but if the situation improves, we will all be back at the pool shortly.

Events in November: Obviously, there were no outings but we have never before been as active online, with our gym and yoga classes, the themed discussions on Wednesdays, casual drinks on Saturdays and even a get together in English to finish the month.

Upcoming events: We’ll be right by your side throughout December. If you feel lonely, you only need to connect and we’ll be there. Do some sport with us, come and chat with us or just tune in to listen to the conversation. Everything is free and it has all been put into place so we can maintain this friendship so important to us all.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Online activities: Our gym and yoga classes enjoyed a huge success this past month and we will continue through the whole month of December, to avoid the festive kilos.

Monday: Gym class with Yvan at 9pm
Tuesday: Gym class with Yvan at 9pm
Wednesday: Evening naturist chat at 9pm (discussions with a new theme each week)
Thursday: Gym class with Claire at 9pm
Friday: Yoga class with Hamish at 9pm
Saturday: Nude drinks at 9pm
Sunday: Yoga with Damien at 11:30am

You can reserve your places on our events page.

Sunday December 13th at 6pm: Naturist get together in English
Anyone, anywhere, who is comfortable speaking English, is invited to this free online session. For this one, please book by sending us an email:


You can also follow the links online to book your free places for our Wednesday fireside chats and Saturday drinks (all on Zoom and in French). Every Wednesday, the conversation revolves around a specific theme, while the Saturday sessions remain an open discussion. As with all activities we organise, these chats are not limited to ANP members and around three quarters of the participants are far from Paris and even far from France.

Wendesday December 2nd: What activities do you dream of doing naked?
Wednesday December 9th: Do you practise naturism openly or hidden?
Wednesday December 16th: Were you already a naturist in your home country?
Wednesday December 23rd: Are naturists more ecological?
Wednesday December 30th: Does naturism help you to be more comfortable with who you are?

AGM of the FFN: On November 28th, the French Federation of Naturism organised its annual general meeting on Zoom. Originally, we were supposed to celebrate the federation’s 70th birthday at Montalivet in May, then in September and finally we were all at home, behind our computer screens. It was nevertheless a very good AGM, well organised, followed by a secret online vote. So, 70 years after its birth, our federation shows that it evolves every year! The FFN is a veritable machine, with a board 100% volunteer, made up of devoted naturists whose only goal is to make your lives better. Over the past year, the federation succeeded in maintaining naturist places that had been threatened with closure by local authorities, it defended naturists in court cases, it continues to give naturism in France a more positive image and soon it will be launching a big campaign promoting the human body in all its forms, so the opposite of a century of “perfection” that not even 1% of the population could ever achieve but which often remains the only representation of the body in the media.
So, for those who think that they are not concerned by the actions of the FFN (or their own country’s national naturist federation) or that the FFN is an inactive organisation from another era, now you see why more than ever you need to support your federation by becoming a member, because your federation is already working for you!