Nudesletter – January 2022

Happy Nude Year!

I wish you all the best year imaginable. We don’t yet know what sweet surprises 2022 has in store for us but I think we exit 2021 stronger and more determined than ever, ready for all the challenges ahead of us.

Even if 2021 wasn’t a normal year, it was a sight better than 2020. Not only did we resume our activities but we even obtained a new session in a second pool. The ANP has a fantastic team of swimming, gym and yoga coaches, all trained professionals, a close-knit board of volunteers extremely devoted to the association and you, our members, guests and supporters, who help this to be the dynamic association that it is by your presence and enthusiasm.

Events in December:

The month started well with an outing in the centre of France for the inaugural evening at the Grand Chambord, with over a hundred naturists from all over France.

Our water polo match went really well with all participants having a great time. We’ll organise another one soon!

We were 34 at the Christmas dinner at l’Ange 20 restaurant. The atmosphere was brilliant and festive and no-one left with an empty stomach!

Upcoming events:

This morning, January 1st, the Normandy chapter of the FFN is inviting all naturists to participate in the first nude swim of the year at la Redoute Beach in Merville Franceville Plage at 11:30am.

Another session is being organised at the Grand Chambord aquatic centre by the regional committee of the FFN Centre Val de Loire on Saturday January 29th. Reserve your places with the Association Joie et Santé.

Given the current situation, we’re postponing our karaoké evening till Sunday January 30th. It will be another terrific evening, with a great atmosphere guaranteed!
Reserve your places

Do you want to breathe fresh air? Join us for our nude hiking trip in the calanques of Marseille from April 27th - May 1st, with our friends from l’Association Naturiste Phocéenne.

We will continue to organise activities in 2022. Many of us have now caught the virus and are here to tell the tale. It’s therefore unfair to ask the growing number of people with a strengthened immunity against it to stop living when they’re in good health and deserve the right to enjoy life.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Monthly drinks: On Friday January 7th, the theme of our monthly gathering at Roger Le Gall is Kings Cakes. Come along with the traditional kind or brioche crowns plus drinks to share.

Closure: Georges Rigal Swimming Pool is closed today, Saturday January 1st.

Onsite classes: Come and ship that festive fat!

Monday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Lyon (reserved for members)
Wednesday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Glaubeson (reserved for members)
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Hamish

Online classes: Our online classes are open to everyone, members or not. Send us an email to reserve your places.

Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Lyon
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Glaubeson
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Hamish
Sunday 11:30am: Yoga by Lyon

The ANP Team

Do you have a question? If you want the right answer, ask a team member. It’s been a while since I presented them, so here they are:

The Directors

Laurent Luft, president
In my 7th year at your service and my 10th on the board, I’m as devoted as ever to the association and its members. Outside of the ANP, I handle international relations for the French Federation of Naturism and am the European Assessor for the International Naturist Federation.

Béatrice Billot, vice-president
Naturist for many years, Béatrice joined the board almost as soon as she became a member of the association several years ago. She is often present to help with our big events and you see her regularly at the welcome desk of our two pools. Independently of the ANP, she is president of the Île de France region of the FFN.

Ted Anspach, vice-president
Ted is very involved in the day-to-day running of the association. He’s our press secretary, in charge of social media and assistant secretary of the ANP and is also part of the communications team of the FFN.

Sandrine, treasurer and human resources manager
Sandrine wears two very heavy hats with style and charisma, juggling between the association’s finances and the management of our coaches.

Olivier Devuns, secretary
Poised and rational, Olivier fulfils his role calmly and is almost always at the pools to welcome our members.

Stéphane Charlot-Dufour, assistant treasurer and external activities coordinator
The brains behind our events, Stéphane injects life into our association with the organisation of numerous activities throughout the year.

The board

Patrick Buchère, social media
Rarely present since an electric scooter accident in 2020, Patrick is eager to rejoin us in good health.

Julien Claudé-Pénégry, press secretary
After three years as president of the Île de France region and as vice president of the FFN, Julien didn’t renew his mandate with the federation but has remained at the ANP in our communications team and as the representative of urban spaces.

Augustin, webmaster
The baby of the team, Augustin joined us at the last Annual General Meeting and helps with the website and GDPR, alongside Olivier, and the new and dynamic ANP youth group.

Vincent, interior activities
Thanks to Vincent, in 2019 we launched our monthly workshops: massage, art, sophrology, singing and much more. Since he has been taking care of our first time visitors, we have multiplied by five the number of people who decide to become members.

Fabrice Pannetier, press secretary
Our resident actor is a natural part of the communications team and has always proudly represented the ANP in front of the camera.

Emmanuel Robert, activities
A natural communicator, Emmanuel offers his services wherever they’re required: at the welcome desk, giving guided visits, helping Sandrine with our coaches or talking to the general public about the naturist movement at fairs.

The team spirit doesn’t end there. We are an association and any member can offer to help. We are often assisted by members like Vincent, Red, Marine, Jean-Luc, Jean-Marc, Jean-Baptiste, Éric and Jérôme among others.

So, my thanks go to this wonderful team for everything you give to the ANP to make it as strong as it is today.