Nudesletter – March 2022


We can breathe again! Thanks to the easing up of rules, masks are no longer required at the pool. All the clubs are waking up and naturist events once again fill our calendars.

I just returned from a very good meeting in Serbia with the European Naturist Commission (EuNat) and things are looking bright for the naturist world.

Events in February:

We didn’t organise any outings in February, preferring to let this Omicron wave pass, but we remained very active at the two pools, with our usual classes and another water polo tournament on Monday 14th, as fun as always.

Upcoming events:

Beautiful Skin is back! Come and spend a night on the dance floor on Friday March 4th in the very centre of Paris.

Our karaoke evening, postponed because of Omicron, will take place on Sunday March 13th, at our favourite karaoke joint in the heart of Paris. Book your places now for this fun-filled evening.

The Rhône Alpes region is organising a naturist visit of the superb exhibition “Hyperrealism” in Lyon on March 25th, from 5:30pm - 10pm. Note that journalists will be there, armed with cameras, between 5:30 and 6:30, so if you’re camera shy, aim to arrive after that.
Tickets are available on the website of la Sucrière.

Reserve your places for the next session at the Grand Chambord aquatic centre, organised by the regional committee of the FFN Centre Val de Loire on Saturday March 26th.

The plans for our festive day on Saturday April 9th are advancing fast. Registration is open for our “France Naturist Swim” competition. Come along either as a swimmer or spectator. If you are able to lend us a hand on the day, we’re still looking for more volunteers. And for those who are coming from afar, the Meininger Hotel, opposite the pool, is offering us cheap rates.

The France Naturist Swim day will end with a nude dinner in a local Japanese restaurant. Seats are limited, so please don’t wait to reserve.

There are still a few places available for our nude hiking trip to Marseille from April 27th to May 1st. Please email us for information on this event.

A yoga retreat will be organised from September 12th to 17th at the Grand Peisselay guesthouse (Rhône department). The theme will be "Reconnection" (to oneself, to others and to nature) and there will be yoga, qigong and naturopathy workshops, all in a remarkable natural setting, with Damien and Lyon, our two yoga teachers, whom you all know very well.
Full information can be found on the site

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Monthly drinks: Our monthly gathering will be held at Roger Le Gall on Wednesday March 9th, with the theme chips’n’dips. Please come with something to share for a friendly moment before the end of the swimming session.

Gym, yoga and Pilates classes: Thank you to all our members who have adopted the good habit of emailing us at the beginning of each week with your reservations. This makes organisation much easier and avoids deception. Please be on time; by arriving late, you miss the warm up and you disturb the other participants. Also, the director of the pool asks us not to use the upstairs lockers on swim nights, so please arrive early enough to put your belongings in a locker downstairs and to take a shower before the class.

Onsite classes:

Monday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Lyon (reserved for members)
Wednesday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Stefy (reserved for members)
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Hamish

Online classes: Our online classes remain open to everyone, members or not. Please send an email to reserve your places (free for members, €10 for non-members).

Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Lyon
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Stefy
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Hamish
Sunday 11:30am: Yoga by Lyon

Massage: Michel is still with us every Wednesday and I invite you to reserve your free places by sending us an email.

Closure: Georges Rigal Pool will be closed at the beginning of March for a water change. Our session on Saturday 5th is therefore cancelled.

International youth meeting: For our young members from 18 - 28 years of age, don’t miss the annual naturist youth gathering, this year in the north of Germany from May 26th - 29th, for just €50.

Focus Magazine: If you haven’t read the February issue of Focus yet, it’s available for free on the website of the International Naturist Federation.