Nudesletter – June 2022


The month of May was a very productive one for naturism. I started the month at a terrific meeting of the International Naturist Federation, where the wheel is turning more than ever. The Annual General Meeting of the French Federation of Naturism, from May 20th - 22nd at la Petite Brenne (a naturist resort that I highly recommend), went very well, in an atmosphere of friendship and respect. And we ended the month with our own AGM, in the same friendly ambiance.

Events in May:

Several people took advantage of the special entry fee offered to ANP members on May 2nd at Aqua Saint Paul. Thanks Patrick and Anna for your warm welcome.

Our naturist visit of the Fiminco Foundation’s exhibition on Saturday May 7th was enjoyed by all the participants.

Stéphane organised a day of Nordic walking and hiking on the 18th, under a lovely Fontainebleau sky.

Our Annual General Meeting at the Club Gymnique de France on May 28th went very, very well. All votes passed with an average result of 98.5% and the board remains as it was, with the addition of Jean-Baptiste, whom you elected. After the AGM, we shared our dishes over lunch before we enjoyed the grounds and pool for the rest of the afternoon.

Upcoming events:

On Monday 13th, Stéphane is organising a Nordic walk in the morning, followed by a hike in the afternoon, with a picnic break between the two. You can join in one, the other or both.

How does a trip on the Mediterranean sound to you? Come and spend a few days sailing with us near Marseille from June 16th - 19th! And from July 23rd - 30th, a week in Greece is planned.

We’re already taking registrations for the week at Grottamiranda in Puglia, from Saturday October 1st - 8th at a special price for ANP members.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Monthly drinks: Speaking of Italy,...our next monthly gathering at Roger Le Gall will be on Wednesday June 8th and the theme is “flavours of Italy”. Buon appetito!

Gym, yoga and Pilates classes: Stefy will be absent for a few Thursdays in June. Her Pilates classes will therefore be cancelled from the 16th, except for an online class and another in the naturist park.

Onsite classes:

Monday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Lyon (reserved for members)
Wednesday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Stefy (the 2nd and 9th only)
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Hamish

Online classes: Stefy will give a Pilates class on Zoom on Saturday June 25th at 11:30am. Please register by sending an email (free for members, €10 for non-members).

The other classes will continue as usual:

Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Lyon
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Stefy (the 2nd and 9th only)
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Hamish

Naturist Park of Paris: The ANP organises yoga and gym classes in the naturist zone of the Bois de Vincennes every Sunday at 11:30am, throughout the season, free and open to all. After your effort, reward yourself with a communal picnic.

June 5th - Glaubeson (gym)
June 12th - Lyon (yoga/ qigong)
June 19th - Stefy (Pilates)
June 26th - Glaubeson (gym)

Closure: The pool and gym will be closed on Monday June 6th for Whit Monday.