Nudesletter – August 2022


I hope you’re enjoying the sun and the heat of summer.

Our two pools, like every other year, are currently closed to associations until the end of the summer holidays. In August, we’ll be offering you free yoga, gym and Pilates classes in the naturist park of the Bois de Vincennes on Thursday evenings at 6:30pm and on Sunday mornings at 11:30am.

Events in July:

We spent a gorgeous day at the Essonne Sun Club on Saturday July 9th. Congratulations to the club for the works, which have made the grounds even more beautiful.

Our sailors just returned from a week off the coast of Greece.

Bravo to those who participated in the gym, yoga and Pilates classes in July.

Upcoming events:

Join us on Monday August 15th from 11:30am at the interclub pétanque tournament at the Club Gymnique de France. We’ll share our dishes and drinks at midday before kicking off the competition.
Free entry for club members

On Saturday August 27th, we will be at the Hespérides sun club. Reserve your places now for a day of swimming and games.
Entry €13.90

Our twin club in Rome, UNAIT, is organising a weekend at Suncave Gardens near Rome from September 9th - 11th, in collaboration with FENAIT. It will be a long weekend of varied activities - aquatic, artistic, musical and, of course, gastronomic.

For the week at Grottamiranda in Puglia, from Saturday October 1st - 8th, you can contact us or contact Martine and Pierre directly, who are offering a reduced rate to our members.

The Belgian Naturist Federation is once again organising a mega aquatic evening at Lago water park in Ghent on Saturday October 15th, from 7pm to 11:30pm.Save the dates! The Hyperréalisme exhibition is coming to the Maillol Museum. The Paris Naturist Association is organising two naturist visits, on November 11th and 17th, with the support of the French Federation of Naturism. You will be able to reserve your places next month.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email.

Winners: We closed the season with a final post-swim gathering, at which two of our members won holidays at Origan Village.

Naturist Park of Paris: The ANP will continue offering yoga and gym classes in the naturist zone of the Bois de Vincennes on Thursday evenings in August at 6:30pm and on Sunday mornings at 11:30am, followed by a communal picnic. Lyon recently sprained his ankle and our other coaches are away, so for the moment the first three sessions of the month are cancelled. Please check the events page for updates.

Sunday August 14th 11:30am - Lyon (yoga/Qi Gong)
Thursday July 18th 6:30pm - Glaubeson (gym)
Sunday August 21st 11:30am - Glaubeson (gym)
Thursday July 25th 6:30pm - Hamish (yoga)
Sunday August 28th 11:30am - Lyon (yoga/Qi Gong)

Search for volunteers: Thank you for all the offers following my request in July. Some people asked me exactly what tasks need to be filled. We’re looking for people to man the welcome desk, to give guided visits to newcomers, to help organise our outings and events, plus graphic designers.

Twin club: This year, the International Naturist Federation launched a twinning programme between naturist clubs, which follows the existing system between various cities around the world. As the only city in the world twinned with Paris is Rome, I’m thrilled to announce the creation of a partnership with UNAIT (Unione Naturismo Ambiente Italia), Rome’s naturist association. The members of our two associations will be welcomed reciprocally as though we were already members of the other’s club. During the warm months, UNAIT organises outings at Santa Severa Beach and in autumn and winter, there’s a monthly spa event. We hope to increase the number of communal events with our Italian twins over the coming year.

Reopening: Our activities resume in a month, with the opening of Georges Rigal swimming pool on Saturday September 10th at 8pm and Roger Le Gall on Monday 12th at 9pm. We’ll be having an open door week from the 12th and will be offering free entry to our four swim sessions.

Enjoy your month of August.