Nudesletter – January 2023

Happy Nude Year!

Another year closes and we look towards the future. I hope that 2023 brings you everything you wish for and more – health, happiness, electricity…

In this year of our association’s 70th anniversary, we also wish the best for the ANP. In 2022 we welcomed a large number of great new members. However, we’ve been missing certain faces since the pandemic of 2020 and I hope to see you again this year! The doors of our two pools and of our gym are wide open for you.

Events in December:

We had a ball at the karaoke evening on December 11th. We were a very large group and with all the rooms available to us, we split up into groups of different musical styles and all tastes were catered to.

Loulou gave three drawing classes in December, open to all levels and much appreciated by the participants.

During the absence of our coaches, Julien gave spirotherapy classes. The feedback was immensely positive.

Today is the day that a courageous group is jumping in the sea for the first swim of the year, at Franceville-Merville Plage.

Upcoming events:

Vincent will be at Roger Le Gall to give you classes in photography Wednesdays January 11th and 25th. Please reserve by email.
These workshops are a fun and friendly moment and your opportunity to join in something other than sport at our sessions. In 2023, we’re going to increase the frequency to their 2019 levels.

I promised you another date for the Hyperrealism exhibition at the Maillol Museum. We’ve announced three new sessions on Thursday January 19th. Those of 7:30 and 8:15 are already sold out but if you’re fast you can snap up places for the 9pm timeslot. Reserve quickly here.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS: 07 66 14 53 09.

Monthly drinks: The first gathering of the year at Roger Le Gall swimming pool is on Monday January 9th. Come along with your galettes des rois (Kings Cakes), brioche crowns and drinks to share.

Gym, yoga and Pilates classes: All of our coaches will be back from holidays this week, so you can resume your normal rhythm. Thanks go to Lyne and Julien for filling in in December.
We’re not continuing with our Zoom classes in 2023. It was a big success in lockdown but we remarked a massive return to real life in 2022 and the abandon of online activity.
Don’t forget to reserve your places for our classes at the beginning of each week by email:

Monday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Tuesday 9:15pm: Yoga by Hamish (reserved for members)
Wednesday 9:15pm: Gym by Glaubeson
Thursday 9:15pm: Pilates by Stefy (reserved for members)
Friday 9:45pm: Yoga by Lyon

Massage: Matthieu will be there on the Mondays of January 16th, 23rd and 30th to offer you massages. Please send us a message to reserve the table.

Concert: Our swimming coach Stefano, who everyone knows, is giving a clothed jazz concert for his birthday on Thursday January 12th at La Belle Maison, 24 rue Malmaison, Bagnolet.

FFN and INF Newsletters: Stay in touch with the two federations that make it all possible for us! The latest edition of Focus is available on the website of the INF-FNI and the 3Ns of the FFN is here.