Nudesletter July 2023

Hey everyone !!!

That’s it!!!! … The season is over! And on a nice note: you were a few hundred to come and swim during our last sessions.

That calls for a drink ! Let’s meet on Monday, July the 3rd ! Everyone brings a bottle or something to eat.

Our last appointment at the Georges Rigal swimming pool is tonight and the Roger Le Gall sports center will close its doors on the 7th. We do not yet have the dates for September, but we will communicate them to you as soon as we we will receive them.


As you know, the ANP team has a big problem of emotional dependency. We can’t do without you guys for long! So here’s a few summer appointments:


July 2th : Yoga with Lyon

July 9th: Muscle strengthening with Sylvain (watch out ! He rocks !

July 16th: Muscle strengthening with Sylvain

July 23rd: Yoga with Hamish

July 30th: Yoga with Hamish

The ANP tour

Like every year, we tour partner clubs in Ile de France. 3 dates to block in your diaries!

July 15th at the Hesperides.

Mölkky tournament against other clubs in Ile de France. Mölkky is Finnish bowling. By the way, for the record, France was world champion… in 2012 ! I’d appreciate if you could get back to it !!

July 30th, volleyball tournament at the CSE.


Admission will be free for players. It’s 12 euros for others.

On August 15th, we will be at the CGF for a pétanque tournament.

As this is a naturist event, we cannot impose a dress code on you. But know that the Ricard bucket hat is in the summer 2023 trends!

Also note in your diaries: The INF Swimming Gala will take place in Belgrade from Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th November. At the price of 140 euros for accommodation and meals. Hurry for plane tickets! Send us an email on for pre-registration.

Have a wonderful summer to all those I won’t see until September.

Love y’all !

Kiss !