Nudesletter – February 2021


Following the numerous orders of licences for the French Federation of Naturism received in January, I was in contact with a lot of members. I see that the majority of you are remaining optimistic but I do understand that for many it’s not easy. With no end to the tunnel in sight, we are going to continue to invest our time and energy in our online activities, which give a lot of joy to a great number of naturists. There is news regarding our tariffs, which will be shared further down in the Nudesletter.

Events in January:

Most of our classes were fully booked in January and at our gathering in English on the 17th, there were 45 people from several continents. It was a huge pleasure to bring together so many naturists of different nationalities for an hour of friendly banter.

A big thank you goes to Thierry and Didier for the Esperanto class, which was very interesting for us all.

Upcoming events:

Following the success of our online activities in January, please try to book early in February. All of the links are on our events page.

Monday: Gym class with Yvan at 9pm
Tuesday: Gym class with Yvan at 9pm
Thursday: Gym class with Claire at 9pm
Friday: Yoga class with Hamish at 9pm
Sunday: Yoga with Damien at 11:30am

Wednesday February 3rd: Naturist discussion at 9pm: Naturism and the internet
Saturday February 13th: charades night from 9pm - come along with 3 characters in your head
Wednesday February 17th: Naturist discussion at 9pm: Naturism and art
Saturday February 27th: drinks at 9pm

Sunday January 14th at 6pm: Naturist drinks in English

Our theatre evening has been postponed twice. In these current conditions, we have no idea of a new date. You still have the right to a refund of your €15 but we hope that you will remain understanding while we wait for theatres to reopen. This is one of the most impacted sectors and we want to offer all our support to the thousands of people denied an income due to this situation.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Monthly plan: We offered you our gym and yoga classes for free in December and January but they will once again be charged for from February 1st, because we need to cover our expenses (which remain numerous, most notably our coaches’ salaries).
We are offering: a monthly plan for €30, providing unlimited access to all of our online classes OR our classic annual ANP membership at €150 for one year, starting on the date of purchase. This yearly membership includes all of our online activity during the closure of Roger Le Gall Swimming Pool and, once it reopens, unlimited access to all activities at the pool.
We have decided to continue with our online classes even after the pool reopens, to allow members who can’t come all the way to Paris to participate. If we all want the ANP to come out of this period in good health, now is the time for us to manage the association sensibly.
Note that our online drinks, gatherings and discussions will remain free to everyone.

1- If you can try to register for our online activities at least a day before, that will greatly help us to manage inscriptions.
We will do our best to manage inscriptions that arrive on the day of the session but with no guarantee.
2- It is recommended that you sign up to our classes via our website.
3- You will receive the Zoom links and codes about an hour before the session.

Donations : I was touched to see that a lot of you added a donation to the ANP when you ordered your FFN licences last month. Your generosity is much appreciated, during this period with virtually no revenues. It is vital that we remain active, to give you the possibility of staying active and to stay in touch with others but also so our coaches can continue to earn money while gyms are closed everywhere.


French Federation of Naturism licence: Béatrice has ordered from the FFN all the licences you have ordered over the past few months. This support of only €23 helps the entire French movement to survive. If you haven’t already done so, please order yours.