Nudesletter – March 2021


The shortest month of the year was also the coldest. Many of you participated in our online classes, to warm yourselves up and because it’s more sensible than spending an evening in front of the television with a box of chocolates.

In March, it will be one year since we've been living with this virus that dominates our lives. Along with certain members of my team, we're still here for our members and all friends of the ANP, while we wait for normal life to resume.

Events in February:

I really enjoyed our charades evening and we had a good laugh, trying to guess the mimes.

Our English Zoom gathering attracted some regulars and some new faces. Certain people were real comedians and kept us all laughing. I have to admit that this monthly get together is one of the highlights of my month and brings together naturists from many different countries, in multiple time zones.

Upcoming events:

Please try to book early for our classes, before they're booked out. All of the links are on our events page.

Monday: Gym class with Yvan at 9pm
Tuesday: Gym class with Claire at 9pm
Wednesday: Pilates class with Yannick at 6:30pm
Thursday: Gym class with Claire at 9pm
Friday: Yoga class with Hamish at 9pm
Sunday: Yoga with Damien at 11:30am

Wednesday March 3rd: Naturist discussion at 9pm: Our special guest star, Bruno Saurez, will talk about the history of naturism and his new book.

Saturday March 27th: Online drinks at 9pm
Wednesday April 7th: Online naturist discussion at 9pm
Saturday April 24th: Online drinks at 9pm
Wednesday May 5th: Online naturist discussion at 9pm
Saturday May 22nd: Online drinks at 9pm

Sunday March 14th at 6pm: Naturist drinks in English

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

New coach: In March, we welcome a new coach for our online classes. Yannick will be on your screens every Wednesday at 6:30pm to give you a pilates class.

Account checkers: We’re looking for two account checkers among our members. You will be invited to go through our treasurer’s accounts of 2020, in preparation of our Annual General Meeting. Please apply by email.

Job offer: The French Federation of Naturism is looking for a secretary for a part time position at Head Office in Paris. Experience and training are required. Please send your CV and cover letter to The successful candidate must be available April 2021.

Crowdfunding: I think that all of our members know Cathy, a good swimmer who’s always at ease talking with anyone. Her son, Raphaël, is a 21 year old handicapped student who suffers from dyslexia, dysgraphia and a rare genetic pathology: aniridia. Aniridia affects only 1 in 40,000 people and progressively causes damage to his eyes, eventually leading to total loss of vision. Since his 18th birthday, Raphaël has already lost the vision in his left eye. He has perhaps 10 years before he loses sight in his right eye.
In spite of his handicaps, Raphaël is a determined young man. It’s thanks to this will that he obtained his diplomas and high scores in science in his higher school certificate.
As an IT student, Raphaël’s dream is to accomplish the creation of video games before becoming blind, to leave his mark on the world. Through his determination to succeed, he hasn’t left his room in 2 years, in an effort to protect his remaining eye.
The non-refundable medical costs prevent Cathy from financing her son’s dream alone and she has thus launched a collection.
Every cent collected will change the life of this young man. Here is the link:

Alpe-Adria Meeting: Thanks to less severe restrictions than we have here and especially thanks to a programme tailor-made for the imposed distance restrictions, the Alep-Adria meeting organised every year by the International Naturist Federation will take place from June 6th - 13th. You will find all the information on this page.