You can follow our yoga classes on our YouTube channel Association Naturiste Paris TV and you can participate in live Zoom classes. For more information, check out our activities page.

To start your weekend well, come and release the week's stress and tension with a naked yoga session at Roger Le Gall swimming pool every Friday from 9:45pm till 10:45pm. These sessions, based on simple techniques for all levels*, combine warm-up, postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and relaxation, for the purpose of gently increasing flexibility and body strength and to help you find calmness and to better manage stress.

 * Contrary to certain beliefs, it's not necessary to be particularly supple or robust to practise yoga. You will acquire these qualities over time. These group classes are nevertheless designed for people in generally good health. It is thus recommended to inform the instructor of any health issue so that he can adapt the exercises if necessary. If in doubt of your ability to practise yoga, please consult your doctor.