Nudesletter – March 2020


In spite of the pool’s closure for the winter water change, we had a very active month of February and our volunteers had very little sleep, with everything they’re organising for you over the coming months.

Events in February:

We received a warm welcome at our nude visit of the 69th edition of the Jeune Création (Young Creation) exhibition on February 1st. My thanks go to the Jeune Création association for their welcome. Over the past five years, we have multiplied our urban activities. The turnout at these events, the mix and the age span highlight the demand for another way to practise naturism, in line with the city in which we live and in perfect harmony with a more classic form of naturism.

On February 3rd we added a spark to the session with a swimming competition at the pool. Congratulations to all the swimmers!

Vincent gave two singing classes in February, as well attended as ever and enjoyed by our members and visitors. A WhatsApp group has been created to better communicate the dates, often organised hastily during the month in progress due to Vincent’s limited availability.

On February 7th, 300 people attended the Beautiful Skin dance party, including a large number of ANP members.

On Wednesday 26th, the comedian Fred Brûlé hosted a theatrical improvisation class at the pool.

Upcoming events:

Several Parisians have already reserved their places for the water park evening in Ghent, organised by the Belgian Naturist Federation on March 7th. We have organised carpooling between Paris and Ghent.

On March 21st, a group of swimmers are heading to Valence for the southern regional naturist swimming competition, which will double as the qualifications for October’s International Swimming Gala. If you’d like to participate, please contact us this week.

The next Beautiful Skin dance party will be held on Friday March 27th. Following the success of the event in February, I hope you will be back on the dance floor again this time.

On Saturday March 28th, the Association Joie et Santé invites you to their evening at the Balnéades of Orleans. Twice a year, they welcome naturists from all over France for this event of well-being and conviviality.

After the huge success of the naturist play Nu et Approuvé in 2019, a new improved version will be staged on Sunday April 19th at the Palais des Glaces in Paris. Follow this link to reserve your seats.

On Sunday June 14th, we’re organising the first Île de France regional Mölkky championships at the Club Gymnique de France. Save the date!

Over the weekend of June 20th and 21st, the Club Gymnique de France is inviting the entire world to their 90th birthday celebrations. It’s the oldest naturist club in our region, today run by Benoît, a former ANP member.

NATURIST FESTIVAL - JULY 2020: Reserve your weekend of July 18th and 19th! The French Federation of Naturism is organising a naturist festival in a castle surrounded by parkland in the Maine et Loire department. Activities: theatre, music, a nude run, body painting and more. Lodging: camping on the grounds or possibility of accommodation on site. Don’t miss this huge event! More information to follow.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

Gym classes: We welcome a new member of our team of professional trainers: since February 24th, Claire gives classes in the gym every Monday. Yvan is now present on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Between our two coaches, we’ll soon have 400 members with rock hard abdominal muscles!


March drinks: The theme for our drinks on Friday March 6th is the colour green. The possibilities are much greater than you may think and I’m anxious to see what you’re all going to bring!

Holiday at Origan Village: This beautiful naturist resort in the south of France has proposed a deal to our members for a week of holidays from July 25th till August 1st 2020, with a discount of 17% on accommodation and a personalised welcome. Such an offer in high season is unheard of! To enjoy this exceptional offer, or for more information, contact us by email or SMS. If you haven’t yet visited Origan Village, this is your opportunity to discover it with your friends from the ANP!

Trial: Last year, a German naturist holidaying in France with his family was arrested for sexual exhibition because he was simply soaking up the sun. This affair has shown yet again the need to revise article 222-32 of the Penal Code. The FFN has launched a call for donations to support Peter Misch with his upcoming trial. We ask you to show that this article in its current form has no place in our Penal Code today. You can make a difference by signing the petition and by donating. Please read the related article in the INF’s February edition of their Focus Magazine to find out more.

70th Birthday of the FFN: On Friday February 14th, we celebrated the French Federation of Naturism’s 70th birthday in the presence of Pénélope Komitès (deputy of the Mayor of Paris), Sieglinde Ivo (President of the International Naturist Federation, who had come especially from Austria), Jean Peters (Vice-President of the INF, who came from Luxembourg) and the board of the FFN. Under the direction of the very energetic Viviane Tiar, the FFN is younger, more dynamic and more active than ever. Thanks to the increase in licences sold, the federation is able to achieve good work for all naturists.

EuNat 2020: On February 22nd, Viviane and I attended the annual European Naturist Commission meeting. In spite of differences in culture and mentality, the 15 federations present worked together to create a better naturist world for us all. I was especially happy with the strengthening of ties between France and Germany. The INF is organising several events this year and I will post them on the page of other clubs’ activities on our website. Please note that this year’s International Swimming Gala will be held in Turin, organised by the Naturist Federation of Liechtenstein.

Share accommodation search: A member is looking for a room to rent in Paris. A true naturist, he hopes to find a naturist flatmate. If you happen to have a room to rent, please contact me.

Coronavirus: Everyone is talking about it at the moment. I absolutely do not want to jump on the panic bandwagon but I nevertheless encourage you to read these documents (Affiche Prevention Virus Hiver and Affichette Coronavirus sportifs) sent by the City of Paris (OK, they’re in French). You should practise a sensible level of hygiene: wash your hands frequently, cough and sneeze into your elbow, throw your tissues away as soon as you have used them. Protect yourselves the way you would against any cold or flu but keep living your lives and have fun!