Upcoming Events for Young Naturists

THE naturist SWIM MEET OF France (SaTURDAY APril 6TH 2024)


Do you love swimming naked and can’t wait for summer so you can feel the water gliding over your body? Don’t wait any longer and come meet us at the Roger Le Gall Swimming Pool in Paris for a friendly swim meet!

No fuss! You don’t need to know how to swim like a pro to come! So don’t hesitate any longer and come along and enjoy without your swimsuit! (Paris Town Hall requires us to wear a swimming cap, however…)

The events take place in a 25 metre pool, over a distance of 50m.

Each event will be competed according to participants’ gender and classification by age (INF-FNI categories).


RELAYS (4×50 4 STYLES – 4×50 FREESTYLE) organised on site depending on the participants (individual registration required to participate)

How much?

  • ANP members: Free
  • Visitors belonging to an INF-FNI affiliated naturist federation: €8
  • Non-member of a naturist federation: €10

• If you want more information or to be grouped with other young people to be more comfortable around the pool, send an email to anp-jeunes@naturistes-paris.fr !

Naturiste Spa Evening – Aqua Saint Paul (Paris) – Saturday April 6th 2024

The event will be followed by a session at Aqua Saint Paul (Paris) for a moment of naturist relaxation in the spa!

At your disposal, the club facilities:

  • A heated indoor swimming pool for you to relax
  • A dry heat sauna to sweat deeply and eliminate your toxins
  • A humid heat hammam to relax all your muscles
  • A lounge area where you can have a small snack and chat
  • A massage and water aerobics learning workshop are also offered!

We have put together a special youth rate for you at €20 (instead of €40)!

All our events are in total respect of the naturist philosophy. Nudity is obligatory and of a non-sexual nature. Any sexual or inappropriate behaviour will be severely punished!