Pool rules

The pool rules during the time slot of the Association des Naturistes de Paris (ANP) closely follows the rules of Roger Le Gall and Georges Rigal Swimming Pools or any other establishment hosting its activities.
It consists of a charter of six articles which follow the main principles of the naturist ethic, stemming from the definition:
“Naturism is a way of living characterised by the practice of social nudity, which results in self respect, respect of others and the environment.”


Each person must conduct themselves in an appropriate and friendly manner, looking out for the well-being and safety of all.
Any dubious behaviour or action within the complex, particularly any sexual act or suggestion of any nature, as well as any form of harassment will result in the expulsion of the perpetrator. The lifeguards and board members are there to ensure the correct order and security of the pool.


Bodily hygiene is a must in all of our activities. It is a requirement to shower before accessing the pool, steam room or gym. The “shoes’ and “no shoes” zones are to be strictly respected on entering or leaving the change room. The use of sandals or flip-flops/thongs is recommended in the establishment.


Newcomers should be welcomed by other members courteously and politely, be informed on the session’s activities, the layout of the pool complex and the rules to respect. They should also be advised on correct usage of the gym machines and steam room. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to ask.


In the establishment where our activities take place, there are areas used by people who have not yet discovered naturism or who are unaccustomed to nudity. Please respect others by not exposing your nudity outside of the designated naturist zones, in which a simple wrap around towel is required.


Nudity is obligatory for everyone in all of our activities and all areas of the complex occupied by our association. This means that swimming costumes, underwear, boxers or shorts are not permitted outside of the change room.


Everyone must respect the establishment, its maintenance and cleanliness, the use of resources (water) and energy (hot showers). Correct usage of the facilities at our disposition will result in their remaining in good working order. In the gym, all equipment should be neatly put away after use.

Specific rules apply to the four zones used by the ANP:


The pool’s water is treated with chlorine. Swimming caps must be worn in all pools. The lanes are reserved for different purposes (water aerobics, swimming improvement, diving, fast swimming, slow swimming…). Please use the lane which corresponds with your chosen activity.


The maximum capacity indicated must not be exceeded. A towel must be placed on the seat and back of each machine used, by the person using it.


The maximum capacity indicated must not be exceeded. When others are waiting to enter, please respect the ten minute time limit. At the end of the evening, the door must be left open.


The changing area is only accessible barefoot. Personal belongings should be placed in the lockers provided, locked with a personal code. Do not disclose your chosen PIN to others and ensure that you have not forgotten anything as you leave. If you have a problem, the locker room attendant is there to help you.
Our swimming coaches and our team of volunteers are present to ensure that you enjoy an evening of genuine naturism with the Paris Naturist Association.