Nudesletter – October 2023

Hey y’all !!!!!

First of all, thank you, thank you and thank you again for this fabulous start that you are offering us young people!! Since September, we have been counting the number of visitors and first-time memberships. Our association is in a good dynamic and it’s thanks to the great energy that everyone brings! BRAVOOO!!!

Other good news: we keep our slots at the Georges Rigal swimming pool until October 30. So let’s take advantage of it people!! We want to see lots of you in the water as long as we can!!!
You also know the Saturday reward: a dip = 1 candy

Planning coaches and co

Mondays: alternation of pilates and muscle strengthening classes led by Stefy

If the majority wants to do pilates one evening rather than reinforcement, you organise it between ourselves. I recall this year’s credo: autonomy/self-management. As long as you don’t fight with foutahs, everything is fine with me.
Tuesdays: yoga led by Hamish
Wednesdays: muscle strengthening by Ju’ national
Thursdays: Attention… Question!
We obviously have the key to the gym. I suggest that we take possession of it again for weight training sessions. But for this you would need to set up a group of 4/5 people who want to lift weights and/or do cardio. The idea being that you pass on the key from session to session so that the room remains open and accessible every Thursday. So for those who are interested, send us an email before next Thursday on and if we reach a sufficient number of volunteers… go go go!!! The session must obviously be “ANP spirit”. If a person doesn’t know how to use the machines, those who know how please teach them. Great beginners welcome!
Fridays: yoga led by Lyne. As most of you know, our dear Lyon is going to take some time to develop his own business. But don’t worry… he’s not abandoning us ! He remains as Lyne’s joker when she is absent.


Sunday October 1: ANP Event in Vincennes
Meet at 11 a.m. at the naturist area for a yoga class with Lyon.
12:30 p.m. Picnic
3 p.m. live model drawing workshop with Loulou Reloulou. A small contribution of what you can is requested to support the artist

October 6: we drink! This is our monthly pot. Everyone brings a snack or something to eat.

October 9: we regret having drunk… Water polo match hosted by M’sieur Pascal. In addition to being a member, he is a former high-level athlete. Moral: you better be good…

October 12: SPA partyyyyyyy! Thank you for coming in such numbers for the first ANP SPA Party at Aqua Saint-Paul. A very special dedication to Court and Ludo, our two members who dedicated themselves to leading the massage workshops. You made lots of friends!!!
We have exceeded the quota of people authorised for this premiere. The Aqua Saint-Paul team was kind enough to push the walls a little. I organised a small consultation with all the people who participated in this crash test evening. What emerged was: a plebiscite! So let’s do it again! I asked you to decide the pace at which you wanted them to take place. The result mainly leaned towards a monthly rhythm. I am therefore announcing the date of our next edition:
Thursday October 12 from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m./midnight. The negotiated price is 30 euros for entry and 10 euros for students and those under 27. On the program: aquagym, massage workshops, sauna, hammam and something new…we’re going to try a scrub workshop at your initiative! If with this you are not fresh and relaxed it will not be our fault!! Pre-registrations on: 30 places available and this time I will resist your looks of beaten up dogs if you want to come in when there is no more room! Anyway… I’ll try. At the same time, Philippe, the new owner, offers you a subscription at a preferential rate of 270 euros for 10 entries + 1 free. For those who are interested, you will be free to use them on the day that suits you. Including for ANP evenings.

Please note: no Beautiful Skin Party in October. But the team is preparing a new memorable party for us in November.

Here I have told you the essentials. See you soon

Kisses to all!