Nudesletter – November 2023

Hey y’all!

I hope you all had a deliciously gruesome Halloween evening! For the survivors, here is the information and challenges of the month:

I will start by reminding you that this evening it is closed. We are sleeping it off. So, see you guys on Friday as usual. By then, we should be able to get up.

Thanks to all the members of the tribe who joined us for the last of Rigal. It was a really cool moment. Edward, you took care of the sound system. The ANP team gives you hugs. We will find our Saturday slots in September. But that’s not why we’re going to release the pressure. Besides, this month the schedule is busy. Take notes!

Monday November 6: Water polo match with M’sieur Pascal During our last edition, Javier was our undisputed champion. He scored goals with the grace and cruelty of a matador. Who to challenge him? We want sweat and blood !

Monday November 13: We drink to recover from all the exercise we promised to do by summer.

Thursday November 16 SPA PARTY!!!! We’ll meet from 7 p.m. at Aqua Saint Paul. We massage ourselves, we exfoliate, we pamper ourselves, we marinate in the hammam and in the sauna. Zen and letting go! Ludo will be off for this edition. We need an additional volunteer to lead the massages. Do you know how to massage or are you committed to doing 25 tutorials by the 17th? Welcome! Pre-registrations by email on Entry at 30 euros Youth rate at 10 euros.

Friday November 17 Beautiful Skin at the Klub from 11 p.m. to dance naked to the rhythm of techno. DJ sets, body painting by the ineffable Loulou Reloulou and flash tattoo for the most determined or the most drunk. It’s debatable…In any case the ANP will not provide after-sales service if someone wakes up the next day with a butterfly appearing mysteriously on their buttocks or elsewhere. No need to call us. We filter.

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