Club Rules

Internal regulations of the Association des naturistes de Paris (ANP)
proposed by the board of directors of FEBRUARY 22nd 2022
and adopted AT the General MEETING of may 28TH 2022

These internal regulations are to set out the statutes of the ANP so as to provide the necessary details for easier application of the said statutes, in accordance with Article 16.

Article 1 – Headquarters

The statutes of the ANP stipulate in article 3 that the head office is at Roger Le Gall Swimming Pool, 34 boulevard Carnot, 75012 Paris. The Board of Directors decided on June 23rd 2015 to receive all post at the Associations Centre of the 12th arrondissement of Paris, at the following address:

Maison de la Vie Associative et Citoyenne – BAL 20
181 avenue Daumesnil
75012 PARIS

Article 2 – The different categories of members of the association

1. Associate members: In accordance with article 5 of the statutes, this category of members includes all members who have paid an annual membership to the association, comprised of two sub-categories:

a) Active members: those who pay an annual or monthly membership fee defined by the Board of Directors and published on the association’s website. This membership fee allows access and use of facilities made available by the association or the possibility to enjoy reduced tariffs for certain external activities. Active members are systematically invited to Ordinary or Exceptional Annual General Meetings with full voting power.

b) Supporting members: defined by the Board of Directors and published on the association’s website. They do not have free access to the activities offered by the association, nor to specific tariffs (reserved for active members) for certain external or related activities. Supporting members are invited to annual general meetings in an advisory capacity only, so without the right to vote.

2. Guest members: temporary members for a day or for a session having paid a specific entry fee. Guest members are not necessarily invited to Ordinary or Exceptional Annual General Meetings and do not have voting rights.

3. Honorary members: these members, elected by the Board of Directors or at the Annual General Meeting, are not required to pay membership, and cannot vote at Ordinary or Exceptional General Assemblies, to which they are not required to be invited. They cannot be part of the Board of Directors as administrators, although they can assist with advisory capacity, without voting rights.

Article 3 – Annual General Meetings – Procedures applicable to votes
  1. Votes of members present: Voting is conducted under secret ballot.
  1. Proxy voting: If a member of the association cannot attend a meeting in person, he can be represented by a proxy under the following conditions:
  1. a) His proxy must be in writing (or by email)
  2. b) In order to be taken into account when voting, the proxy must specify the name of the chosen member.
  3. c) Members may not personally exceed 15% of voting power at the time of vote.

Proxies sent but not assigned by members are distributed under the sole responsibility of the president (or chairman of the meeting, if the president is absent), according to the rule set out in point c) of this article.

All proxies may be transferable, in particular when the number of these registered proxies to a member of the association exceeds the threshold of 15%.

Article 4 – ReIMBURSEMENTs

Only administrators, elected members of the board and any other member expressly mandated by the president can claim reimbursement of expenses incurred in the course of their duties and on justification.

The entirety of these expenses, including for the president, must be expressly authorised by the treasurer or by decision of the Board of Directors (if the value exceeds €500).


The members of the association, including the administrators, cannot provide remunerated services (according to the rules defined by the treasurer and/or the board of directors) for the association without express authorisation voted by an absolute majority (66% of administrators present or not on the day of the vote) of the Board of Directors and for a fixed term. The member in question does not participate in the vote.

Article 6 – Communication of said internal regulations

These internal regulations must be brought to the attention of all members, of all categories set out in article 2 of these regulations and must be freely available for consultation by current and future members and by the authorities. It will be freely and easily accessible on the association’s website, as with the statutes and the internal regulations for the use of sports facilities.

Proposed on February 22nd 2022 by the Board of Directors and adopted on May 28th 2022 by the Ordinary Annual General Meeting of the ANP.