Nudesletter – January 2020

Happy Nude Year!

Once again, another wonderful year has drawn to a close as we enter the 2020s. What will this new decade bring us? Naturism teaches us, before anything else, self respect and, above all, respect of others.

At the ANP, we offer a place where everyone is welcome. We’re blind to colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, political views... In brief, our only demand is the respect of naturist values and the respect of those around you.

Thank you to our members, visitors and to you who are reading this Nudesletter for your loyalty to the ANP and for supporting the naturist movement. By supporting your local association and by purchasing your naturist licence, you support your national federation and the International Naturist Federation, who in turn support you by providing you with legal places to go to and by defending your rights. It’s thus the same mutual respect that is the basis of our way of life but on a larger scale.

Here’s a little recap of the year that was 2019:

We started the year at the historic Palais des Glaces for the first ever performance of the naturist play Nu et Approuvé.

February was a month of finals, with our last naturist bowling tournament in Paris and a big dinner at O’Naturel the day the restaurant closed.

In March, we participated in a naturist ski week in Austria, half French and half English. There was also a trip to Valence for the regional naturist swimming competition organised by the Valence Sun Club.

The naturist park in the Bois de Vincennes reopened in April and we relaunched our bimonthly picnics, with the first under a beaming 25° sun.

In May, three trips were organised: to Spain with AANUMA, to Italy at Grottamiranda and to Marseille with l’Association Naturiste Phocéenne, as well as our Annual General Meeting, which took place at the Hespérides.

In June, we made the most of the good weather with three picnics in the bois de Vincennes.

In July, at the end of our annual swimming season, we organised a friendly day at the Hespérides. While most of our members headed on holidays, our picnics with free open air yoga and gym classes continued in the Bois de Vincennes.

In August, we were back in the South for a week of sailing.

In September, the pool reopened and we continued to enjoy the sun with a nude hike with APNEL, as well as our picnics in the woods. It was also in September that Vincent launched the naturist workshops at the pool, which are already a huge success for the ANP. The month ended with another Beautiful Skin evening, a night of clubbing which shows the growing demand for urban naturist activities.

October was a big month, with a huge water park evening organised by the Belgian Naturist Federation, a naked soccer match and our International Naturist Swimming Gala weekend here in Paris.

With the drop in temperatures in November, we returned to indoor activities, most notably with a nude dinner in a Japanese restaurant.

We ended the year with yet another fun water polo tournament at the pool on December 2nd, another massage workshop on the 9th, a workshop to present the international language Esperanto on the 11th and a roaringly fun nude karaoke night to celebrate Christmas together on Sunday 22nd.

Upcoming events:

We’re starting the decade on a high note with our new singing classes. Following the success of Vincent’s workshop in October and at the request of several members, we invite you to our monthly classes from Wednesday January 8th. During these lessons, open to all at all levels, Vincent will show you how to control your own voice, correct breathing and other techniques.

We’re offering you another massage workshop on Monday January 13th at 9pm. Bernard and Hervé will show you some techniques to give a good massage, including the correct posture for the masseur to adopt.

For more information on our outings, please take a look at the events page on our website or send us an email or an SMS on +33 7 66 14 53 09.

January drinks: The year is starting lightly with our monthly drinks for which we’re honouring the Galette des Rois. So come along with your traditional galettes, your Brioche Crowns or anything else that tickles your fancy to share over a friendly gathering.

Closure: The pool and the gym will be closed on New Year’s Day, Wednesday January 1st.