Legal Information

This site is managed by the Paris Naturist Association, Association Act July 1st 1901, established on May 21st 1953 under the name of “Société Gymnosophique de France” with its first official paper published on June 21st 1953, last modification on March 14th 2006 appearing in the official paper on April 8th 2006, edition number 1190 and located at 34, boulevard Carnot 75012 Paris.

Publication director: The President, Mr Anspach. 

The site host of the Paris Naturist Association: OVH. 

Copyright: Association des Naturistes de Paris. 

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Personal information

The President of the Paris Naturist Association is responsible for all personal information transmitted by means of the association’s website.

Personal information received by the association’s website is treated as following:

  • Information received via the contact page allowing the association to respond to a visitor seeking information is not stored. Visitors who have subscribed to the newsletter may unsubscribe at any time on the same page. Information received through the request of a free invitation is simply transmitted to the visitor by email and is not stored by the Paris Naturist Association.

Given the deliberation #2006-138 of May 9th 2006 by the National Information and Freedoms Commission in relation to external processed information or communication (Dispensation #7), the Paris Naturist Association is exempt from providing information gathered on its site to the National Information and Freedoms Commission.